Episode 5

Published on:

7th Apr 2020

S1 E5: Personality Assessments: Carl's a big "D"

If you've been on this Season 1 journey, then you've gotten a sweet taste for Keith and Carl's personalities. However, when their personalities are assessed at their company and they share them with each other, things get real. Is there a "winner" when it comes to the best personality type? Is there resentment? Who's just being a "D"?

In the segment "Keith and Carl Become Friends", gladiators, Vikings and cowboys are discussed and not in a classy way. Go figure. Also, someone possesses a unique skill, hidden away in their closet, and it's just begging to be used again.

If you love loads of meetings, day after day, hour after hour, like Keith and Carl do... you'll love this C-List.

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About the Podcast

Work Shorts
Comedic, yet real, stories about work, life and friendship with Keith Coleman and Carl Spande
Keith and Carl are marketing gurus and managers, bonded together by their adjacent cubicles. Together, they explore the absurdities of work and life by questioning corporate America and their life experiences that got them there.

Follow along as Keith and Carl humorously force a new friendship. Each episode includes a section called, "Keith and Carl Become Friends", the hosts will ask each other a mystery personal question. Their unscripted responses will shed light into their personalities, behavior and motivations. It gets real!

The heart of the show will center around a "Work Short Topic of the Day". Keith and Carl will explore various topics while providing their possibly misguided perspectives and interpretations, often a result of their perverse, yet oddly relate-able, childhood and young adult experiences.

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Keith Coleman

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Global adventurer. Yoga enthusiast. Finding funny in the mundane, seeking the unsought.

Carl Spande

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Co-creator, writer & host of Work Shorts. Speaking of shorts... The older I get, the higher shorts sit on my thigh and with considerably less pockets. While less functional, I've been told they are more fashionable. A tanner thigh is cool, too, I suppose.